Why are we here?

If someone can walk away from you, let them walk.”

Why are we here? I am not talking about the meaning of life, instead, I am asking why we are here on this blog at this point in life!

As of 6th August 2022, my relationship of 3 years ended, I was leaving work after a night shift when I received a text message.

” Sorry I can’t do this no more!


It’s a pretty shitty and confusing thing to text someone, especially someone who you are in love with. Of course, there is more to the story than just a text message, the months leading up to this point, things were rocky, we would have arguments, she was pushing me away and I was getting clingy with her, things were getting toxic for the both of us.

This was the start of a life lesson I thought I knew about, oh man was I wrong! I know I should have told her Goodbye! and gone into No-Contact BUT instead, I phoned her and tried to talk to her which resulted in an argument/disagreement.

I want to refer back to the quote at the top of this post, “If someone can walk away from you, let them walk.” The best thing you can do for YOURSELF in order to think or heal when someone wants a break-up is to let them walk away, If they don’t choose you when you have chosen them, let them walk away.

I could ramble on about how it wasn’t fair because of XYZ…. this mentality wouldn’t get me or you anywhere in life, victim mentality can put you in a position of being addicted to negative emotions.

Thank you for reading, this is my declaration I will be posting at least once per week with my views on self-improvement, lifestyle, and fitness.

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